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Geek.Menu supports managing hundreds of applications on your computer. Geek.Menu integrates basic utilities on browsers, chat applications, games, etc.

Geek.Menu is the shortened version of portableApps. It  includes all utilities of portableApps and uses the same setup files as portableApps. It also features to manage hundreds of utilities of all sizes such as Firefox, Pidgin, Internet, Game, etc. and openOffice tasks are also supported. This program helps you own these utilities easily. Just open Geek.Menu and use its built-in utilities.

Geek.Menu includes all features of portableApps. However, it is upgraded with the help of TrueCrypt which groups programs by the menu structure to support users better. This application package will run on the Start menu so that you can select options easily.

With Geek.Menu, you do not need to search and install too many applications on your computer because Geek.Menu supports hundreds of different utilities. With the well-organized interface, you just need select the utility you want, then install and use it. Its interface is arranged like the Start menu of Windows. Hence, you can get familiar with Geek.Menu very easily. Geek.Menu is highly appreciated with its features and saving time.

Main features of Geek.Menu:

- Include hundreds of utilities
- Integrate TrueCrypt to group programs by the menu structure
- Automatically run on the Start menu
- Integrate utilities on browsers, office tasks, games or chat applications such as  OpentOffice, Pidgin, Firefox, Games, etc.
- Have the intuitive and well-organized interface


Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Geek.Menu
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