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GifCam is the software which creates animated pictures with simple manipulations. It works like a camera on the top of all windows so that users can capture their desired area and save files as animated pictures. This program provides multiple methods to create high-quality animated pictures.

GifCam helps users create animated pictures by capturing any area or window on the computer screen. GifCam works like a camera on the top of all windows. Hence, users can move and resize locations they want to capture. Users can use this utility in various ways such as creating animated paintings by using MS Paint, delivering animated messages in notepad, creating retro GIF from YouTube video, etc.

GifCam will automatically add delays for frames if it finds the previous frame is the same as the new recorded one. This program does not draw the whole frame, but just the green screen (transparent pixels) by comparing alternative frames and only drawing different pixels to save lots of kilobytes.

GifCam also allows users to insert texts into images, align, add shadow effect, change font and create smaller GIFs by using color reduction schemes or edit frames. Moreover, this application gives Framerate options to create high-quality GIFs and record movements of the mouse when it interacts with the screen.

Main features of GifCam:

- Capture areas on the screen and save files as animated pictures
- Create animated pictures in various ways
- Automatically identify duplicated frames
- Insert text into frame
- Edit frame
- Capture movements of the mouse


Updated date: 04/23/2014

Free Download GifCam
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