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GIMP shop is a wonderful program which is designed with basic features to support users to edit their GIMP images per their interest and requirements.

GIMP shop provides users with plug-in to manage GIMP images for their modifying and editing tasks in the main window. Thanks to this function, your designing process will be much smooth and easy and your GIMP images will be of the best quality.

GIMP shop also can help you to rename terms of GIMP files. This is a great function which makes it easier for users to apply Photoshop or Photoshop mashup programs. You will be much more active in using Photoshop or Photoshop mashup to edit your images when need as they are the most popular image editors nowadays.

Moreover, an outstanding feature of GIMP shop is its ability to edit images at a very high speed, together with its smart tools and effective plug-in ones. Therefore, you can be confident to make use of this program for your GIMP file editing task to get the best yield.

Some main features of GIMP shop:

-    Support you with plug-in to edit GIMP images in the main window
-    Rename the terms of GIMP files
-    Proceed GIMP images at a very high speed and ensure their quality.
-    Be able to apply every tool right in the main window.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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