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Google Chrome is the latest web browser with high browsing speed, Vietnamese support, and many other utilities. This application is compatible with all types of computers and operating systems.

Google Chrome is a hi-tech web browser which is lightweight, and easy-to-use.  Google Chrome is developed basing on V8 JavaScript engine, a hidden engine which can automatically create codes and collect unnecessary data effectively. By combining with virtual Javascript engine which possesses the features of dynamic code generations, Google Chrome can interact with other applications more easily.

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Google Chrome - Safe and quick internet browser

Google Chrome is designed effectively so that it can start just in a few seconds and websites can be loaded immediately. The program also allows users to download complicated applications rapidly.

Google Chrome ensures the security for your web surf. Google Chrome is integrated with anti-fraud and anti-malware applications and applications. The browser also helps you automatically update the latest version.  You can control your personal information when you sharing them online.  Chrome's icognito mode keeps your browsing information completely secret because Chrome will not save any information of your web browsing.

Main features of Google Chrome:

- Have an user-friendly interface.

Google Chrome has a straightforward and logically layout. All the browsing windows are arranged clearly and scientifically. You can also rearrange the tabs to suit you the best.  The main target of Google Chrome is to provide users with a safe, high speed and stable searching engine which is much more straightforward than other web browsers.

- Have high security:  

Google Chrome is designed to secure you the best whenever you surf web.  It prevents and continuously notifies users whenever they are going to enter any malicious and dangerous websites. The program's plug-ins can run with high security and can communicate with Render individually.  In addition, Chrome is also a web browser help you surf web secretly. Igcognito mode prevents the program from saving any web browsing information in the cookies or the history.

- Have high speed:

Employing V8 JavaScript engine into virtual Javascript machine, Chrome provides users with the highest speed browser which takes only a few seconds to launch the browser and utilize new tabs.

- Have high stability:

Chrome has very good task management tools which help you recognize which web is occupying the most disk space so that you can have appropriate action.

- Customize the setting information:

You can easily install the latest applications of Google Chrome or edit the existing settings.  In order to install the utilities from Chrome, you only have to sign in Chrome Store and select the necessary utilities for your work.

- Sign in Chrome:

The program has sign in feature which allows you to save the browsing history and bookmark the favorite websites.

- Access web anywhere:

You can sign in your Google Chrome account to bring your favorite websites, applications, browsing history, and other settings to all of your storage devices.  These contents will be then immediately updated from other places than your computer and all the existing information in Chrome will be secured even when the computer encounters problems.

- Support other applications:  

Chrom allows your computer to run normal applications in your computer.

- Automatically update new versions.

Thanks to this feature, you will always stay update with the latest version of Chrome. The new versions often provides additional features and fixes the errors of the previous versions.

- Integrate other features:

The latest versions of Google Chrome are updated with lots of new features.  You can directly download data or applications via Internet Download Manager, read PDF files, attached files in Gmail (built-in) when you use Chrome. In addition, the program also enables you to look up words using Google Translate and change the font size just in a few clicks.


Updated date: 04/27/2015

Free Download Google Chrome

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