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GPU-Z supports to display graphic card parameters such as hardware, GPU and VAG clock.

It provides users detailed VAG information of NVIDIA producer and ATI including model, GPU with technology and producing techniques, versions, name of the company, product code, size, BIOS version, connection interface, processing speed, bandwidth, RAM, DirectX version and driver clock and card mode.

In addition, the software collects and reports detailed and distinct basis technical information and saves as document formats. Moreover, GPU-Z enables to shot reports and extract to various formats for use and sharing.

Now it provides new functions for NVIDIA and ATI cards and one GPU load checker to monitor PCI-Express configuration. Furthermore, there are default clock mode and 3D clock mode.

Main functions of GPU-Z:

-    Display VAG parameters.
-    Report in details.
-    Support Cards of NVIDIA and ATI.
-    Set default clock and 3D clock.
-    Save at document formats and shot reports.
-    Share VAG information.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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