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Gshutdown is a program that provides you with an excellent feature for shutting down your computer at a certain time. In addition, this is one of the utilities especially designed for Ubuntu operating systems.

Gshutdown is a light and easy-to-use tool for all user levels that allows them to shut down the computer automatically by following few simple operations. Thanks to its decent features, software gets its fame among computer users.

With Gshutdown, your computer will increase its efficiency and life span. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your computer running non-stop all day and night all. This is really a handy tool for people who usually oversleep when watching films or listening to music on their computer.

Besides, Gshutdown is a small-sized program among few PC shutdown utilities for Ubutun operating systems.  Gshutdown supports users to make a daily or hourly schedule for shutting down their computer automatically.

Main features of GShutdown:

- Schedule computer to shut down at a certain time.

Gshutdown lets users automatically turn off their computer at a set time by following few simple steps. This feature is really necessary for people who usually oversleep while watching films or listening to music on their computers.
- Help users make a calendar schedule to shut down and restart their computer automatically.

- Increase computer efficiency and life span.

Gshutdown is designed with a range of features necessary for your computer. Using this software means your computer won’t have to run 24/24. Thus, you will avoid hardware errors and enhance its performance.

- Easy to use for users of all levels of experience.

It has an intuitive interface so users will not meet any difficulties when using this software.

Updated date: 11/06/2013

Free Download GShutdown
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