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Hamachi is a host system which allows users to share resources, play some games via Lan network and control other computers by creating a virtual LAN network system thanks to the UDP mode and the P2P sharing protocol.

Hamachi is developed as a tool for connecting computers together via a virtual LAN network system. Hamachi serves for various purposes. You can use Hamachi as a tool for playing games, chatting with friends, controlling computers or sharing files between computers.

Hamachi operates with the requirement that computers must link together through a separate server. Hamachi requires users to register for membership in order to manage and use easily. When you sign in successfully, the server will guide clients to connect with each other and create a virtual LAN network through Internet. After connecting, your computer will not need any additional support from the Hamachi server. Hamachi uses the User Datagram Protocol technology to accelerate the transmission speed of computers. At present, Hamachi has 3 versions for 3 different operating systems: Windows, Linux and OS X.

With this software, users can share files between 2 computers and play games with friends. Hamachi supports lots of computer games. It can upgrade familiar games or update the latest versions automatically.

Key features of Hamachi:

- Support creating the virtual LAN network by the P2P mode.

Hamachi allows users to create a LAN network between two or more computers away from each other via Internet. It is very difficult for normal LAN networks to do this. Normal LAN networks just allow creating a local network in a certain limit.

- Share resources between computers:

Hamachi not only supports computers to connect with each other through a virtual LAN network but also allows you to transfer files between computers as a real LAN network
at high speed.

- Be the tool for managing computer remotely:

Hamachi also provides users with the remote computer management feature on the condition that their computer must be installed with Hamachi. With this feature, users can add a certain computer for control, add or delete any file, edit the information about the computer and even lock the performance of the mouse and computer.

- Allow game players to play games on LAN network:

Besides the function above, Hamachi software also helps game players play games supporting the LAN network. Users can create a group to play famous games such as WarCraft 3, Star Craft, AOE to world class games like Call of Duty, Comand and Conquest, etc.
- Have the chat function:

Besides creating the virtual LAN network, supporting for playing games, Hamachi also functions as an online communication tool. You can communicate and chat with any people using this software. The chat history, time will be saved on the computer in case users want to search some information. Besides, Hamachi also allows you to create the chat room to communicate with friends or group people having the same interest.

- Support multiple languages.
To help users use this software more easily, Hamachi provides the multilingual interface of many countries in the world. Supported languages include Russian, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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