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Hard Disk Sentinel is a program that allows you to check your hard drive data easily. This application will notify you of the status of hard drives at a specific time and risks that may harm your computer system.

Hard disks are always one of the most important parts of a computer that you can not ignore. So you should regularly check and protect them. The question is how to optimize your hard drives? Hard Disk Sentinel will provide you with a really good solution as it enables you to check your hard drives easily and quickly.

Protecting your hard drives is equivalent to protection of your data so this is a very necessary task. Hard Disk Sentinel will keep close watch on the status of hard drive in the most detailed way. This application can monitor and inform you of problems with respect to temperature and hard drive corruption risks. Thanks to that, you can have timely data backup solutions.

Once downloaded, the program will create a shortcut on the desktop, so you can have an easy access to this application. It also displays temperature measured on a taskbar icon. The problems are highlighted so you can detect and solve them quickly.

Main features of Hard Disk Sentinel :

- Assist you to check hard drives effectively.
- Report problems regarding temperature, status and potential threats.
- Choose options to solve problems
- Show checking process for you to follow.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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