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HD Tune is a program designed to test hard drive’s performance, which helps you to check drive’s working capacity and health frequently (SMART), find and erase any discovered errors, clear all data in the hard drive, etc.

HD Tune, in overall, has such main functions as checking and measuring working capacity of hard drive and informing you about its health frequently (SMART), find and fix any discovered errors as well as clear all data in hard drive (when necessary), etc.

After analyzing, checking and scanning disks for errors, HD Tune will automatically clear all these found errors, whose detailed information are all described in a report of this program. These are the most exact information that helps you to check your drive’s health more often.

All available functions of HD Tune are organized in different tabs so that you can choose each function to offer your needs of checking your drive’s health. You can check working speed of the drive, access time as well as working period and using different applications at minimum, average and maximum level.

Some main functions of HD Tune:

-    Support large-capacity disks and work with a number of disks
-    Check hard drive’s working capacity
-    Automatic acoustic management (AAM)
-    Randomly access
-    Show information of disks and disk’s temperature
-    Check, follow and fix all discovered errors

Updated date: 12/07/2013

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