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HDD Health are able to follow and check the health of computer’s hard drives. It will display hard drive health and report instantly if there is any problems.

The software will follow and check the operation of applications and notify instantly if any problems is detected.

HDD Health runs in the background or at hidden mode on TaskBar. Its operation does not affect other running applications. You are able tom do many things simultaneously on the computer such as composing documents, watching movies, listening to music, etc and it will alert you if troubles detected.

After running the application, it will display temperature of hard drives and their general health. If one of two columns turns red, it means you should take measures to fix your computer’s hard drives at moment.

Key functions of HDD Health:

-    Check health of HDD hard drives on the computer.
-    Display notifications if there is any problems.
-    Run in the background.
-    Integrates with S.M.A.R.T technology to report hard drives’ failure.
-    Show temperature and general health of hard drives.

Updated date: 11/26/2013

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