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Download HDD Observer - Detect and alert hard disk drive (HDD) breakdown

Tony Nguyen

HDD Observer is an application that brings you wonderful utilities to detect and alert all HDD breakdowns to users. Additionally, this tool also offers fragmentation-checking tool for entire system

HDD Observer brings users the practical ability of monitoring and alerting current HDD breakdowns. In particular, this tool also supports other outstanding features to beat similar feature tools and thus it gains the customer's confident and becomes popular.

After running for a long time, your computer’s HDD would meet common problems like over-heated temperature, unstable performance or many more problems. Hence, HDD Observer would be your key solution to these troubles. This tool would support you to monitor HDD regularly, detect and thus alert notice of HDD breakdown to users in time.

Additionally, HDD Observer also allows you to check fragmentation and do defragmentation tasks on HDD. This feature will run only when your computer is shut down and all running applications are disabled or exited. Especially, you also search and fix system’s Registry totally.

HDD Observer has an intuitive and user-friendly GUI, allows users of all generations to manual easily. All function menus are displayed right on program’s window, so you can manual and manage this tool handily.

HDD Observer’s main features:

- Detect and alert HDD breakdowns effectively.
- Display breakdown alerts in detail as well as HDD’s status frequently.
- Check fragmentation state and do defragmentation on HDD.
- Search and fix Registry items.
- Own simple and user-friendly GUI.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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