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HDD Scan is the application to check hard disk drive (HDD), measure temperature and other parameters. Especially, the tool is developed on S.M.A.R.T technology for effective and accurate HDD test.

The software enables to analyze HDD effectively and accurately. Also you can view HDD’s temperature at each moment, used and free HDD space and formatted data partition on HDD and others technical parameters. HDD Scan is considered as a compact, useful and superior utility comparing to similar tools developed by Artyom Rubtsov.

Additionally, detailed report of HDD’s parameter is exported in HTML, HTM, MHT, TXT file formats after termination of HDD test. However, you just can do single task. It means you have to complete each task in turn. Therefore, it spends you much time in diagnosing HDD.
HDD Scan is a powerful compact utility and uses a little amount of system resources. Especially, its interface is simple and friendly to any users, even to inexperienced ones.

Main functions of HDD Scan:

-    Test HDD effectively and accurately:
HDD Scan enables you to check HDD accurately and effectively. You can easily analyze the temperature, used and empty HDD space, formatted data partition on HDD and other parameters.
-    Report statistics in detail:
The software will offer a detailed report after end of scanning.
-    Support various report file formats:
Test results will be saved in HTML, HTM, MHT, TXT formats.
-    Spend time checking HDD:
The application just do single task in turn. Next task comes after end of previous one. Therefore, it spends you much time checking HDD.
-    Provide a visual and easy-to-use interface to users.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download HDD Scan
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