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HDDLife Pro, a smart software, which helps users know the current status of hard drives to take proper treatments so as to avoid important data loss when hard drives break down.

HDDLife Pro provides users with a full report on hard drives’ status. It will inform users about total operating duration, temperature, used space, efficiency, speed, etc. of hard drives.

The software also gives warnings on storage space and operating efficiency of hard drives. If the warning bar is green, your hard drives are still in good operation and have a large available space. If it turns to red, your hard drives are in poor operation and have a small available space. At that time, you should prepare to back up your data or use new hard drives.

HDDLife Pro also allows you to set the maximum operating temperature for hard drives. If your hard drives surpass this threshold, the software will give a sound warning and give reports on current status of hard drives.

In addition to giving warnings on status of hard drives, the software can also control status of peripheral storage devices such as USB, portable hard drives, etc.

HDDLife Pro operates in real-time mode, so it can update information sufficiently and accurately as well as give timely warnings for users.

Key features of HDDLife Pro:

- Report on current status of hard drives
- Give warnings on operating efficiency and remaining space of hard drives
- Set maximum operating temperature for hard drives
- Give sound warnings
- Be compatible with peripheral storage devices such as USB and portable drives
- Operate in a real-time mode

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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