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Download HDShredder Free Edition - Wipe out hard disk’s data completely

Tony Nguyen

HDShredder Free Edition is a tool that wipes out the whole data of hard disk and other storage devices. Importantly, HDShredder Free Edition can remove all data in hard disk perfectly, that leads to be incredible for any software to restore those data.

One day, your computer’s hard drive is at good status but there is any reason for you to wipe out all data on hard disk, to prevent them from being leaked or all your old data are unwanted for you, HDShredder Free Edition will help you to do this task easily and securely. This tool can remove all your data on hard drive permanently and no software on Earth can restore them.

HDShredder Free Edition has a simple GUI and even people who are inexperienced in using computers also be able to utilize this software handily. Its GUI’s display an alert that shows any disk drive or hard disk sections needed to remove. Your job is simply choose disk drive or sections to remove, so that you can erase entire data on your computer

HDShredder Free Edition is a tool that works independently with the operating system, data system or sections. Especially, it is specifically designed to remove permanently entire data on your computer at extra high speed.

Start HDShredder’s key features:

- Remove entire data on hard disk at high speed and security.
- Able to remove entire data on hard disk and other storage devices.
- Erase data to reuse repeatedly.
- Only remove entire data on hard disk

Updated date: 10/08/2013

Free Download HDShredder Free Edition
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