Please review the terms and conditions carefully before using any contents on the website or downloading and installing software introduced on the website.

1.     Purposes of the website

BETDOWNLOAD.COM is the international website of TaiMienPhi.vn (hereinafter referred to as “BetDownload”) is a website forintroducing, evaluating, and providing tips for software, computer, mobile phone, internet, etc.

BetDownload is created by X-Media Joint Stock Company (X-Media J.S.C), the contents on the websites are free offers for Internet users who are interested in ourservices and contents (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).

BetDownload wishes to create a community of software lovers where they can share and evaluate their favorite programs with other users.

2.     Copyright of article

X-Media J.S.Creserves all rights for the articles posted on taimienphi.vn and subdomains of taimienphi.vn. The articles are acknowledged to include (but not limit) all the texts and images. Individuals and organizations ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COPY any articles on BetDownload.Vn without prior consent of X-Media J.S.C.

In case unauthorized copy is detected, we will send notice to competent agencies or take appropriate legal actions to protect our contents.

3.     Copyright of software

We are the editors to introduce software’s features to users. The software are provided by their publishers or authors (Publishers) who are responsible for the copyrights and legal obligations of their software.

If you believe that your software has been posted on BetDownload without permission, please report your notice of infringement. The notice should be reported by copyright owner or its authorized copyright agent to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright.

4.     Errors (if any) occurred when installing and using software

All errors arising, if any, due to the software during the installation and use of the software will be assumed as the responsibilities of individuals or organizations (publishers) creating the software. We shall not be responsible for such kinds of errors.

5.     File temporary storage (Cache)

In some circumstances, in order to accelerate the downloading progress and optimize internet traffic for users, we can store setup files of publishers on CDN (Content Delivery Network) using cache (temporary storage). With this mechanism, we store the original files from publisher’s website without any amendment, supplementation, or adjustment to the setup file.

Users can also select to download file from the original server of the publisher.

6.     Cookies and IP

Users agree to allow their cookies and IP address to be tracked. The website traffic analytics will use your cookies and IP address to track and calculate the number of visitors to the website as well as user’s behavior. Cookies can store such information as the first access date, number of visits, the last visit, URL, domain name, operating system, browser, and screen resolution. Users can disable and/or delete cookies by following the instructions of their Internet browser.

This website adopts Google Analytics which is a website analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies” which are normally in form of text files stored in your computer to help the website analyze how user uses the website. The information about how you use the website (including your IP address) created by cookies will be transmitted by Google or stored in server placed in United States. Google will use these information to evaluate how you use the website and generate reports on the operation of the website for web administrators and to provide other services related to the operation of the website and use of internet. Google can also provide these information to the third parties who are permittedby the law.

7.     Contents posted on website by users

Users are permitted to send messages and commentsabout the contents that you are interested in provided that these posts must meet the following criteria:

-          The contents posted on website must be in connection with the topic. Meaningless or spamming contents are strictly prohibited.

-          Contents which are not in connection with the website or discussing topic are prohibited.

-          Users who decide to share and provide the contents and/or information such as discussions, files, comments, and other contents through BetDownload are assumed to agree that such contents will be publicized and shown in Google and other internet search engines.

-          When sending messages, the actions that constitute harassment, libel, disturbance, or any other offensive behaviors to other users are strictly prohibited.

-          Discussions about religious issues are strictly prohibited.

-          The actions which express insult, mockery to other people in any way whatsoever (ridicule, derision, or discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, and ethnicity) are strictly prohibited.

-          All acts of disseminating sabotage and misrepresentation against the government, political institutions, and government’s policies, etc. are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to delete the posts, remove the accounts, or even provide personal information of anyone who violates the privacy policy to competent agency for settlement in compliance with the law.

-          All messages violating our privacy policy will be deleted at our sole discretion without sending notice to users.

-          Users must be responsible for the accuracy and legacy when posting information on BetDownload.Com.


BetDownload reserves the rights to change and/or modify, without prior notice, any terms or conditions in this Terms of Use from time to time. Such changes and/or modifications shall be effective upon our posting on Taimienphi.vn. You agree to be bound to any changes and/or modifications when you continue to use services of TaiMienPhi.vn after such changes and/or modifications are posted.