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Hero DVD Player is a tool which can provide you with wonderful utilities to watch DVD with the best audio and video quality. Particularly, Hero DVD Player provides lots of features to control, adjust the discs, or edit the subtitles, etc.

For those who enjoy watching movies and videos, HD or high quality DVD ones will be particularly attractive,  and Hero DVD Player  will be a perfect choice to help you watch them. This software allows you to watch high definition DVD videos and also provides you with music player.

With Hero DVD Player, you can fruly enjoy the most professional media files. This software provides lots of features from discs adjustment to subtitle edition, so the audios and videos become smoother and more marvelous.  Moreover, Hero DVD Player also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for all users.  Therefore, Hero DVD Player is preferred and widely used for its outstanding features.

Hero DVD Player is developed on advanced technologies which enable users to enjoy high quality audio and video files.  How wonderful it is? Although Hero DVD Player is lightweight, it is really powerful.

In addition, Hero DVD Player is very easy to install and compatible with almost all versions of Windows operating systems. In conclusion, Hero DVD Player  is a compact utility which can help you watch movies, DVD videos, and play wide range of media files.

Main features of Hero DVD Player:

- Watch DVD with the best audio and video quality.  

This software enables users to enjoy clips, videos from DVD with marvelous audio and video quality.  Thanks to Hero DVD Player, you can enjoy your favorite video clips or music with vivid sound and sharp images.

- Control music playing modes, adjust the discs, edit the subtitles, etc.

Hero DVD Player comes with so many convenient features that users can change the buttons, customize the modes, adjust the discs, edit the subtitles, etc. to make the sound and images smoother and sharper.

- Allow users to watch high definition DVD videos and also provides music player.

Hero DVD Player can optimize the sound and customize the images to the highest quality to create wonderful songs and videos for users in their own styles. Particularly, Hero DVD Player supports much more features than the default player of Windows, Windows media.

- Customize the quality of the sound and image

With a straightforward interface, Hero DVD Player allows users access to the main window easily to adjust the brightness and chrominance slide bar.

- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.  

Hero DVD Player is designed with an interface similar to that of Windows Explorer. It contains a source full of audio and video files so that users can easily use, particularly drag and drop the list to the data source.

- Multilingual support.

Hero DVD Player offers a wide range of different languages for users to select right from its interface. Such languages that Hero DVD Player  supports are English, French, Japan, Italian, Germany, Russian, etc.

Updated date: 09/25/2013

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