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Hitman Pro (32 bit) is powerful and straightforward antivirus tool to protect your computer from virus, malicious codes, and spyware the most effectively. In addition, Hitman Pro (32 bit) protects your computer using cloud computing to achieve the highest antivirus efficiency.

Hitman Pro (32 bit) is an ideal software when your computer is suspicious with virus. Hitman Pro (32 bit) helps you delete virus quickly and flexibly without any conflict with other antivirus software existing in your system; therefore, you can use it as the second solution very easily. Hitman Pro (32 bit) has two main scanning methods, which are quick and default scanning. You can set Hitman Pro (32 bit) to automatically scan when the computer starts.

Hitman Pro (32 bit) is a powerful application which can detect and delete most of virus approaching your computer. In fact, Hitman Pro (32 bit) adopts a cloud computing tool to scan, so it can prevent malware and find and delete any traces of malicious codes.

Another neat feature of Hitman Pro (32 bit) is that it can run without installation, so it can be run from a portable device. In some cases, you can to keep it in your system to scan your computer more regularly. Hitman Pro can find lots of spying cookies and some executable files in Temporary Internet folder to remove them rapidly.

Main features of Hitman Pro (32 bit):

- Hitman Pro (32 bit) is a portable software.

- It does not cause any conflict with other software in your system.

- Hitman Pro (32 bit) helps you protect your computer from virus even when you are using another antivirus software in your system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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