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Kevin Pham

Hitonic JAR-Starter can automatically detect J2SE and J2ME environments which facilitate to develop Java on your computer. With this software, users can easily edit Java source code in building business, programming projects.

Hitonic JAR-Starter integrates closely with Windows Explorer. It provides a system of flexible settings with the ability to detect J2SE and J2ME environments on your computer automatically. The software supports to create a temporary JAD file. If you often start JAR (or JAD) Files and you must execute these files in different environments, this is a very useful tool for you.

It will be very easy to activate JAD and JAR in J2SE (JDK / JRE) and J2ME environments. It allows users to programme in Java language in the API runtime environment. This software provides lots of necessary functions to write enterprise programs in many important fields like database access, security, remote method invocation (RMI) and communications.

Hitonic JAR-Starter has the lightweight capacity. It is free to use and convenient with Java programmers. The software is also compatible with lots of operating systems and easy to use with many users.

Key features of Hitonic JAR-Starter:

- Detect J2SE and J2ME environments on the computer automatically.
- Support to create a temporary JAD file.
- Facilitate to launch Java applications

Updated date: 07/02/2014

Free Download Hitonic JAR Starter
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