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Download Hotspot Shield for Iphone - Bypass the firewall, access facebook on iPhone


Download Hotspot Shield for Iphone to help you bypass the firewall, create fake IP to access Facebook. Hotspot Shield for Iphone is totally free.

Download Hotspot Shield for Iphone is a version of Hotspot Shield developed for iPhone of Apple. The application helps users become invisible when they access the internet or bypass the firewall easily to access the internet through a medium server. Therefore, you can avoid data filter, censorship and ensure the invisibility when you access the internet.

Employing the most advanced technology, Hotspot shield allows users to access blocked websites in some countries easily without being detected. Furthermore,

Hotspot Shield for Iphone also acts as a shield to protect your computer from the threats on the internet such as spyware, malware which aim to read your emails, messages, credit information, or any other things that you send through the internet. Hotspot Shield for Iphone is compatible with all internet browsers now such as IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera, and particularly Safari, the default browser of iPhone.  Hotspot Shield for Iphone supports a wide range of languages including Vietnamese.

Outstanding features of Hotspot Shield for Iphone:

- Be easy to use for all iPhone of Apple.

- Hide IP to ensure the privacy when users go online.

- Unblock access to Facebook and some other websites.

- Support Vietnamese.

- Occupy little resources of the smartphone.

Updated date: 09/22/2013

Free Download Hotspot Shield for Iphone
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