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HTML Kit is the Web text editor with powerful features like modifying, formating and saving Web texts in HTML, XML, XHTML. You can preview texts on the computer or via different portable devices.

HTML Kit is the tool which supports for editing Web texts. You can use this utility to modify, format and save created texts in supported formats like HTML, XML, XHTML, etc. Besides, this utility allows you to preview texts right on the computer screen, in browsers and through popular portable devices such as tablet, smartphone, iOS operating system, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.

HTML Kit integrates with the W3C standard which helps you check and catch HTML/CSS errors quickly. It will help users edit input Web texts very effectively. The color display function helps mark up separate code snippets and combined code snippets in HTML/CSS. You can search important code snippets in tabs, attributes and classes easily.

HTML Kit allows you to open multiple texts at the same time. Each text is placed on separate Tabs. You can self create virtual folders to organize files taken from lots of sources and use the FTP protocol to upload the Website to Internet.

Main features of HTML Kit:

- Be the Web text editor with lots of powerful features.

HTML Kit provides you with lots of appropriate features which allow you to edit, preview, format and save Web texts in formats like HTML, XHTML, XML.

- Preview during the editing process.

You can preview Web texts when editing them. This helps you identify clearly what you are doing is right or wrong, view directly on the computer screen or through popular portable devices like tablet, smartphones using operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. Thus, you can check Websites anytime and anywhere.

- Manage multiple Websites at the same time.

You can use HTML Kit to manage one or multiple Websites at the same time. The working process of Websites will be saved automatically in "working history" section so that you can take out and do your work.

- Work in the fullscreen mode.

To optimize your work and avoid the messy situation when tools are opened, this utility allows you to work with Web texts in the fullscreen mode.

- Provide lots of keystroke combinations.

You can use built-in tools in the toolbar of the program or use keystroke combinations respective to functions provided by HTML Kit. This is a useful method which helps you work with Websites in the fullscreen mode easily.

- Support multiple different input Web texts.

You can open Web texts in formats like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ECMAScript 6, apply suitable tools to edit them.

Updated date: 12/18/2013

Free Download HTML Kit
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