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HyperCam is an useful tool for capturing the actions from your Windows screen and saving it to AVI video file.

There are many learning videos on Youtube which are recorded directly from the screen of the instructors. The instructors use a screen capture application to record every action and work on their computer. HyperCam has all these features. All computer actions are captured and saved as AVI video.

To optimize video file size, HyperCam provides a configuration to record the entire screen, a window or a customized area that you are working on. Moving frame will emphasize specific actions or tasks. For main operations such as start or pause work, the application allows users to use keys or shortcut keys.

HyperCam is the best tool for a presentation. It can record audio from PC or microphone. With this function, you can easily capture actions and also guide and explain each step at each time when you’re working.

If you do not want to record your voice, but need to explain to the viewers by images to understand easier, just use the note screen of the program. It is added to HyperCam and allows you to comment any action you want. Note function also allows you to customize all properties such as font, size, screen position, background and frame color. Furthermore, users can set up hotkeys to display notes and a timer to hide them.

HyperCam’s main features:

-    Record all actions on the computer
-    Creating learning tutorials, presentations, etc.
-    Save actions as AVI videos
-    Configure the captured area
-    Set up hotkeys, shortcuts to start or pause the capture
-    Record directly from PC or microphone
-    Use note screen to display visual interpretation
-    Customize note function by font, screen position, size, colors, etc.
-    Set time to hide notes
-    Customize the output files by changing the frame rate

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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