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Kevin Pham

i-Catcher Console is a great utility chat and see your relatives and friends by webcam. Especially, you can customize it to be a specialized camera.

You can talk, send message and watch images via webcam with the support of i-Catcher as long as your computer is connected with the internet.

The software uses advanced technology and is considered as a camera system used on web interface remotely that can observe, detect moves, warn, record and replay. Moreover, i-Catcher Console allows customizing the time of operation, device control and other functions. What a perfect sole camera!

Thanks to i-Catcher, you can see all moves within observed area. Recording function starts running after detecting the move. The device helps to record what has been happening. It is easy to use this tool, isn’t it? You can easily utilize all those functions of i-Catcher Console without installing any additional softwares.

Main features of i-Catcher Console:

-  Chat and see your friends and relatives online via webcam.

-  Customize the tools to be a specialized camera.

-  Considered as a camera system that can observe, detect moves, warn, record and replay used on web interface remotely.

-  Customize to set up time of operation, control device and other functions.

-  Be easy to use for all users and no need to install any additional software.

Updated date: 10/08/2013

Download iCatcher Console
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