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IconCool GIF Animator enables to create GIF animated images or edit available GIF files. Hence, you can make banners, advertising sample, etc used on your website.

It is the great tool to design GIF animated pictures at will or edit available GIF files. In addition, you can make banners, icons, advertising samples of product, representative image, etc used on your website or online forums. It supports to save GIF files at GIF, AVI, MPEG, FLI. FLC, and SWF formats.

Moreover, the tool provides more than 25 image and video processing effects. It is easy to create a new GIF file by select background color, related subjects, initial shapes such as circle, rectangular, oval, etc.

Main functions of IconCool GIF Animator:

-    Create and edit available GIF files.
-    Support 25 image and video processing effects.
-    Support multi-layer technology such as Adobe Photoshop.
-    Enable to edit GIF files in bulk.
-    Provide 18 image filters.

-    Support output formats such as GIF, PSD, PNG, AVI, MPEG, MPG, SWG, FLC  and FLI.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Download IconCool GIF Animator
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