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IE PassView is a great program which provides utility to help users view all passwords as well as accounts in various websites saved in IE.

IE PassView provides users with ability to view passwords saved in IE web browser. As soon as activation, this program will scan web browsing history and display the list of passwords saved in the Internet Explorer. This program can find and display all 3 types of passwords, including, AutoComplete Passwords, HTTP Authentication Passwords and FTP Passwords.
Moreover, IE PassView also can show website address and password storing address in the list. Another advantage of this utility is that it can remove password of any specific website without logging in the browser.

Especially, IE PassView is portable software, users do not need to install it in their computer, but just running the activation files of iepv.exe when they need to make use of it. Another outstanding feature of IE PassView is that you can copy and save them in mobile storage devices such as USB, mobile drive, floppy disk, CDs, DVDs, memory card, etc so that it can be used in other computers.

IE PassView is a very useful program for users for those who have so many accounts and websites that they cannot remember them.

Here are some main features of IE PassView program:

-    Display all passwords saved in IE web browser
-    Delete password without accessing websites
-    No need for installation

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Updated date: 04/24/2015

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