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Download IE7 Runonce Remover - Installing IE browser.


IE7 Runonce Remover helps you adjust some information and default it from the first launch of IE browser.

IE7 Runonce Remover helps remove the run-once page which annoys users each time they open the IE browser. The program aims at adjusting information and some items in the first launch of the IE browser.

As regulated by the process, this procedure must be performed before the page is closed in the following time of launching IE. This run-once page regularly replaces the homepage which is frequently adapted by users. The purpose of the run-once page is to observe the users’ log-in with information that the configuration has not encountered. Therefore, users must complete the run-once page so that it can be closed.

The run-once page will appear when you customize settings for the IE browser. We can simply invalidate it and avoid troubles by running IE7 Runonce Remover program.

At the same time, you can adjust Registry to have suitable effects: At the link: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main, you need to find two keys – RunOnceHasShown and RunOnceComplete, and then adjust their value into one.

Key features of IE7 Runonce Remover:

- Support users in customizing all items in the first launch of IE browser.
- Invalidate websites offering installations.
- Adjust registry.

  • Main function - IE7 Runonce Remover:

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download IE7 Runonce Remover
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