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iFinger Collins English Dictionary is the English dictionary including over 400,000 different directories. This is one of useful dictionaries for those must work with English.

iFinger Collins English Dictionary is the English dictionary providing over 400,000 different folders.   This software is very useful for you to enhance your English or suitable to those who must use English regularly to write documents or send email to foreign people.

English is the most popular language. However, English is different from region to region. The typical example is American Enlish and British English. iFinger Collins English Dictionary will provide you all English dictionaries used in each specific region in the world.

iFinger Collins English Dictionary has the built-in search function. You can look up a word or a phrase in English easily. The program will automatically display its meanings, homonyms and usage in particular cases.

Basic features of iFinger Collins English Dictionary:

- The diverse English dictionary.
iFinger Collins English Dictionary provides full of English dictionaries used in the whole world, in specific regions.
- Effective search function.
Similarly to other software, this utility helps you search any word or phrase effectively. The program will display all meanings, homonyms and usage of words in particular cases.
- Add-in of Web browsers.
Right after the installation ends, there will be a search frame on the top of popular Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You just need type a word, then the utility will show its meanings instantly.
- Translation in the real-time.
iFinger Collins English Dictionary is able to translate the meanings of words immediately. Right after you enter the keyword for search, its meaning will appear instantly.
- Automatic spell checking.
The built-in spell checking function will assure that your word or text will be translated correctly.
- Regular data update.
iFinger Collins English Dictionary has the function to update data constantly. Thus, the utility will search and display meanings immediately of any keyword you enter.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download iFinger Collins English Dictionary
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