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Kevin Pham

Inscriptio is a totally free application designed to burn data to CD/DVD. With this software, you can easily create an audio CD containing your favorite music or convert video CD to video DVD which can be played on most of computer with DVD drive. Inscriptio is a convenient software to help you save all music, video, games, and documents safely on CD, DVD, or Blu-ray.

Inscriptio is developed by Inscriptio to be the best disc burning software with various outstanding features to burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray. With Inscriptio, users can create and burn CD/DVD of all formats (including MP3, MPEG, etc.) and edit ISO files. In addition, Inscriptio also ensures the quality of the burnt or backup discs. Besides, the software also enables you to take one part of the hard disk and change to virtual disk. Furthermore, Inscriptio helps you edit virtual files easily, view the capacity of the original disc, extract files from disc, add new files or folders, change the specifications of the virtual disc, and combine several virtual discs together.

Inscriptio enables users to copy CD/DVD to another. CD/DVD. If you already have a DVD-ROM an DVD RW, you can copy another disc from the original one. In addition, this program also integrates a Drive Copy to help those who do not have two disks copy from a CD/DVD to another CD/DVD easily. Inscriptio offers various features such as creating CD/DVD/Bluray from files or images on the hard disk (including ISO, Img, NRG, VCD, etc.) and creating ISO files.

In addition, Inscriptio supports burning Mp3 CD from mp3 files in different ways. The disc burnt with Inscriptio can be played on any music players or CD players. Inscriptio also allows you to view data on any area on the disc or virtual files. Furthermore, all the data structure of CD, audio CD, multi-session CD, and DVD will be notified clearly to users.

Main features of Inscriptio:

- Be easy to use and install.

- Copy and burn discs easily.

- Automatically update.

- Have a straightforward and easy-to-use interface

- Occupy little resources of the computer.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Inscriptio
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