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Install Block is the program which prevents installing and using software on your computer without your authority. This program will be very useful for you to prevent other people from installing hacking or spamming software on your computer.

Install Block will help you protect your accounts and passwords. When there is a new program installed on your computer, the program will automatically notify you of hacking as well as spamming software.

Install Block can prevent the software installation at various locations or in different windows such as Menu Start, Control Panel, Recycle Bin, Internet Exlorer. Install Block ensures that every corner on your computer is in the safest and best state.

With Install Block, you can set password for folders you want to protect. You can restrict the access for other people and require them to enter the right password to be able to install specific software in these folders. The safety is absolute.

Main features of Install Block:  

- Block or remove installs on your computer
- Prevent the access to some places on the computer such as  Menu Start, Task Manager, Control Panel, Internet Options, etc.
- Turn off the system or prevent the access to your system
- Prevent installing file-sharing software or unwanted contents
- Disable all web browsers to prevent any infringement
- Set password for windows you want to protect
- Help administrators monitor all activities of Internet users
- Use Blowfish technology to encrypt files
- Have a friendly and easy-to-use interface

  • Main function - Install Block:

Updated date: 04/26/2014

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