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Internet Explorer 10 is a free fast default web browser for Windows by Microsoft. Internet Explorer 10 is an updated version mostly for Windows 8. With the new improvements, Internet Explorer 10 can run more quietly and smoothly on your computer.

Internet Explorer 10 is the next generation of Internet Explorer of Microsoft. After a series of new versions, Internet Explorer 10 has brought users with new high-tech innovations and security features as in Windows 8.

In the version Internet Explorer 9, the browser has been upgraded much to fit better with Windows 7. Internet Explorer 9 is influenced form CSS 3 absorption and hardware acceleration.

Right after that, Internet Explorer was released with CSS3 grid, flexible boxes, and multi-column lay-outs. Internet Explorer 10 also supports navigation, uninstallation of CSS stylesheet, supports CSSOM Float Point Value, improves API test, Media Query Listeners, HTML5, async attribute in script features, drag and drop HTML5, HTML5 Files API, HTML5 Sandbox, HTML5 Web Workers, and some other efficient Web API.

Right after the information of remarkable innovations of Internet Explorer 10, this web browser has been drawing much user's attention to use it with Windows 8.

Main features of Internet Explorer 10:

- High browsing speed.

Internet Explorer 10 helps you to load websites more quickly and smoothly. The web browsing speed is also improved remarkably.  Internet Explorer 10 has made use of the strength of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

- Be easy to use:

 Internet Explorer 10 has a more straightforward interface. The control board has new improvements as the toolbars, navigation bars, and search tools are arranged in the more convenient position for users.  You can also save web pages that you visit regularly on the desktop for quicker access when necessary.

- Support touch screen:

This is one of the innovations of Internet Explorer 10. You can browse web on the full touch screen easily, just with a rotation, you can enter a new website or come back to the previous one.

- Upgraded security:

 Internet Explorer 10 has higher security level with HTML5 Sandbox support, Internet Explorer 10 security features are built similarly to Windows 8.  When you select “Enhanced Protected Mode”, (the improved protection), unreached parts of the operating system will be blocked to ensure the security for your computer.

- Do Not Track:

This feature of Internet Explorer 10 helps block spam ads.  Therefore, you can avoid unexpected hassle from the websites you visited.

- Support most of Windows versions, including Windows 64bit:

Internet Explorer 10 can run well on most of Windows versions, even on Windows 7, the most widely used version of Windows.  In addition, the browser can also perform smoothly on Windows 64bit.

- Support HTML 5 combining with Sandbox technology:

Compared to the previous versions, Internet Explorer 10 integrates more HTML 5. Moreover, this web browser is also integrated with Sandbox technology to secure users more when they access the internet.

- Multilingual support:

Internet Explorer 10 can change the language interface very easily.  During the installation, the program will select the default language according to the windows' language.  You can change to another language interface by accessing the homepage of Microsoft and download the supported language for you.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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