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Internet Explorer 7 is a rapid web browser for Windows Vista developed by Microsoft. In Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft provides users with lots of new features such as security, tool bar, and completely new interface.

Internet Explorer 7 (or IE7) is the seventh version of the famous web browser IE.  This web browser is developed to provide users with the latest features which are better than that of the previous versions.

Internet Explorer 7 has a completely new interface in comparison with its precedents.  Internet Explorer 7 is the first version of Internet Explorer to browse the web via tabs. This is the highly appreciated feature in other popular browsers.

Internet Explorer 7 is also equipped with an additional feature, Active Directory Group Policy.  This feature will help IT professors manage the web browser on users' screen by entitling them to control the folders, database and the resources  in the network.

In addition, Internet Explorer 7 can protect users from frauds, so users can browse the Internet more safely.  Moreover, the manufacturer also adds some improvement for the new RSS feature (a tool for sharing personal information on the internet).  Internet Explorer also supports AJAX much better than it used to do and allows users to zoom in the page.

In this version, Microsoft also offers an additional feature called Favorites Center.  With Favorite Center, users can manage different functions more easily than before because this features specializes in deleting web history including the password, cookie, and data.  Furthermore, this web browser also supports multi languages, so you can easily set up different language package by downloading them in windows update.

Main features of Internet Explorer 7:

- Support web browsing via tabs:  

Internet Explorer 7 allows users to access the internet using tabs.  With this feature, you no longer have to open multiple windows as you used to do, all you have to do is opening a browser to visit any websites that you want.  Each website will be opened in one tab.

- Integrate with windows firewall:  

Internet Explorer 7 can combine with Windows firewall,  so you can access the internet more safely.  You can customize the protection modes for your computer.  In addition, this internet browser also integrates anti-fraud function to protect you whenever you access websites.  This feature enables you to find and detect websites without any difficulties.

- Multilingual support:

Internet Explorer 7 support multilanguages for users.  The browser's language interface will be set up according to the Windows' language.  Therefore, you do not have to customize anything.  If you want to change the interface, you can go to Windows update to download the most suitable language package and install it.

- Improve the platform for web management and development:

Internet Explorer 7 provide a supplementary RSS feature to enable you to track the news more easily.  In addition, this software also supports network manager to set up the limitation for the access to the server through this browser.

- Provide more searching tools:

Internet Explorer 7 supports users browsing web more easily and quickly than ever. In addition, Internet Explorer 7 also provides users various new tools such as Instant Search, so users can utilize more searching tools than before.  At first, this feature integrates a series of searching tools such as MSN Serach, Ask Jeevese, and Yahoo Search.  You can customize or add more searching tools to this toolbar.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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