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Internet Explorer 8 is developed to provide users with a web browser which has lots of new features while remaining the most basic features of a famous web browser.

Internet Explorer 8 is the fastest version of Internet Explorer.  This new version is released to fix the limitations of the previous versions and to provide users with the latest ultimate searching features.

With Internet Explorer 8, you can customize all the settings to fit you the best.  During the installation, Internet Explorer 8 may require you to customize the configuration, otherwise, the computer will automatically set up to fit the operating system or your system configuration.

In addition, Internet Explorer 8 also helps users access internet more safely with SmartScreen Filter. This is a tool which allows users filter and eliminate unsafe websites.  Moreover, this version also offers InPrivate Browsing mode to enable users to protect their privacy by browsing web without leaving any trace in the history.

Main features of Internet Explorer 8:

- Provide more searching tools:

Internet Explorer 8 supports users browsing web more easily and quickly than ever.  Instant Search of this version is also more completed than its previous version.  In Internet Explorer 8, Instant Search will provide image searching to help users find exactly what they want.

- Integrate high security and privacy tool:  

Internet Explorer 8 provides with a safe tool to access the internet with high security like SmartScreen Filter.  This internet browser will alert users when they accidentally visit a website or download a file with low safety level.  In addition, this feature also helps you block harmful contents without affecting other parts of the website.

- Support web browsing without history:

Internet Explorer 8 enables users to access the internet using Private Browsing mode.  With this feature, users can access the internet without leaving any trace on the internet.  When you activate this function, the system will automatically delete all the information of the previous browsing whenever you close the browser.

- Accelerate web browsing speed:

Internet Explorer 8 provide users with a quick access called Accelerators.  This tool allows users to access and work with the web at higher speed.  Users only have to select their website and click on the icon of Accelerator.  Users can customize Accelerators to have the most suitable settings.

- Automatically set up language:

Internet Explorer 8 supports multiple languages such as English, French, Germany, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese,etc.  Like other Internet Explorer versions, Internet Explorer 8 will automatically select the language to suit your system the best.  Users can customize the language to change the interface of Internet Explorer 8 more easily than the previous versions.

- Automatically update new versions.

Internet Explorer 8 integrates the upgrade feature through Windows Update.  Therefore, you can easily upgrade your browser to the latest version.  You only have to select auto update, the Windows will automatically download the latest update and install it.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Internet Explorer 8
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