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Internet Explorer 9 is a high speed advanced web browser developed by Microsoft to provides users with a web browsers with the latest features.

Internet Explorer 9 is a web browser developed to optimize the browsing speed while providing users with diversified features.
The interface of Internet Explorer 9 has been completely changed to be much more simple.  Furthermore, this version also allows users to enter the domain name wihthout adding http or www.  In addition, Internet Explorer 9 enables users to search information through address bar without using instant search like other browsers.  Thus, you can search information more effectively with less time than before.

Internet Explorer 9 does not require Flash formats to play videos because these formats often encounter problems and affect the browser.  Internet Explorer 9 exploits maximally HTML5 to help you watch videos more smoothly with higher quality.

Internet Explorer 9 also allows the regularly opened tabs display the name.  You can also save the websites that you often visit to the Windows' taskbar for direct use without launching the browser.

Main features of Internet Explorer 9:

- High browsing speed.

The web browsing speed of Internet Explorer 9 is also optimized, so users can access the internet more quickly than the previous versions.  In addition, the completion of Accelerators helps Internet Explorer have a much higher speed compared to other browsers.

- Save websites to taskbar:

This is a special feature of Internet Explorer 9, you can pin your favorite to the taskbar of windows, so the shortcuts allow you to access the website without opening the browser.  This helps users save more time.

- Upgraded Tabs:

Tabs in Internet Explorer 9 work much more effectively because they provide you with the name of the websites that you ofter visit or more tabs to compare two websites more easily.  Moreover, the switching speed between tabs becomes more quickly than before.

- Integrate high security and privacy tool:

Introduced in Internet Explorer 8, SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 9 is upgraded and more completed than its precedented version.  SmartScreen Filter mostly works to detect and notify users when they accidentally enter a website or download a file with low security.  In addition, this feature also helps you block harmful contents without affecting other parts of the website.

- Automatically set up language:

Internet Explorer 9 supports multiple languages such as English, French, Germany, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese,etc. Like other Internet Explorer versions, Internet Explorer 9 will automatically select the language to suit your system the best. Users can customize the language to change the interface of Internet Explorer 8 more easily than the previous versions.

- Automatically update new versions.

Internet Explorer 9 integrates the upgrade feature through Windows Update. Therefore, you can easily upgrade your browser to the latest version. You only have to select auto update, the Windows will automatically download the latest update and install it. In addition, you can also set the schedule to automatically update this software.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Internet Explorer 9
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