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Internet Speed Test is a tool to help users test internet connection anytime. With this application, you can check download and upload speed accurately.

Internet Speed Test also enables users to test internet connection accurately and effectively by giving back the result just in a few seconds. Therefore, you can detect he problems with your current internet connection.

The main window of Internet Speed Test will display download upload speed as well as computer's configuration for users to track conveniently. Thus, you can compare current speed with the maximum internet connection speed to have the most suitable solution.

Internet Speed Test is an outstanding application to test internet connection to replace its precedented tools. With Internet Speed Test, users can easily know the status of internet connection that they are using.

Besides, Internet Speed Test can be used to test the server of websites, so it is particularly useful for programmers.

Main features of Internet Speed Test :

- Test internet connection accurately and effectively by giving back the result just in a few seconds.

- Test download and upload speed of the internet connection to solve arising problems timely.

- Offer outstanding features to replace other tools of the same functions.

- Have high testing speed and be easy-to-use.

- Test server storing websites.

- Have compact design and work rapidly, occupy little resources of the computer without affecting other applications running on the system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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