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IP Camera Viewer is a powerful application that allows you to easily customize the operation of multiple IP webcams simultaneously. Thereby, the program supports monitoring on different series of cameras as well as set up the image display for each camera effectively.

Basically, IP Camera Viewer is a unique program that allows you to monitor the activities and record videos on multiple webcam simultaneously. The program can be compatible with more than 1800 series of IP cameras or USB cameras such as IP 4XEM, level1, Linksys, MOBOTIX, Panasonic, Sony, TP - Link, VIVOTEK, and many other series.

Besides, IP Camera Viewer has the high compatibility concerning frames, absolute resolution for each different camera series. As a result, the program will provide you with the highest quality images and videos.

In particular, IP Camera Viewer allows you to customize video images directly, such as brightness adjustment, noise reduction, color correction, etc. In addition, the program integrates with PTZ feature (Pan, Tilt, Zoom ) to help you get desired frames and angles.

Main features of IP Camera Viewer:

- Supports adjustment on many IP cameras or USB cameras of webcam simultaneously.

- Work with more than 1800 series of cameras such as IP 4XEM, level1, Linksys, MOBOTIX, Panasonic, Sony, TP - Link, VIVOTEK, etc and many other series.

- Have the high compatibility with frames, resolution, etc with different camera series.

- Helps to customize the image directly, such as adjusting brightness, noise reduction and color correction, etc.

- Offer built-in PTZ  feature (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) for video chat.

- Support connecting to camera system at anytime, anywhere.

- Allow independent management of each camera operation.

- Support backup and recovery of data on cameras.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download IP Camera Viewer

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