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ISO Recorder software is closely compatible with Windows. Thus, you can burn an ISO image to CD or DVD easily and create an ISO file from CD or DVD. If you work with disc image files frequently, this tool is very useful.

ISO Recorder burns ISO files including ISO data, ISO movie to CD, DVD easily. It is compatible on many types of disc such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL. This utility can burn ISO image files to most formats like BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, B5i, B6i, and DMG.

ISO Recorder also allows users to record many types of data such as music, images, movie game and other digital files on CD, DVD. You can burn and save ISO files or create copies of your CD and DVD.

ISO Recorder can create and burn ISO files to disc at very high speed. Just with a few simple manipulations, you will gain the results immediately. This helps users save time considerably. In addition, this application also helps you check the input disk and copy data stored on the disk before burning them.

 Key features of ISO Recorder:

- Create disk image files (ISO).

ISO Recorder is the powerful tool for creating disk image files. This software supports to create ISO files from CD / DVD / BD discs, detect CD/DVD/BD image files automatically and optimize the arrangement and layout of disk image files to save the space on disk. This tool can create multiple disk image files at the same time.

- Burn ISO file to disc.

ISO files are compressed files with the large capacity including operating systems, movie, music, game and you need a disc burning tool so that they can start right on the computer. Thus, the application like ISO Recorder is very necessary so that you can create CD/DVD disks which can start from burned ISO files.

- Extract ISO files conveniently and with the high quality.

Image files are extracted into different formats. Users can view and run data directly from the ISO files. The data created and burned to CD/DVD have the very high quality.

- Burn at high speed.

ISO Recorder has the fast processing speed for all data and supported disk types. Users can also adjust the burning speed from time to time.

- Have the customizable and easy-to-use interface.

ISO Recorder has the very simple interface. Burning steps are guided specifically so that users can access its functions easily. This software has the lightweight capacity. It is compatible with lots of operating systems and suitable to a great number of users.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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