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Kevin Pham

iSpQ VideoChat is the online talk application capability of making call with high image resolution and audio quality via internet. The only requirement is that your computer must be connected with the internet.

The software offers you free and unlimited online conversation with high video resolution.
It can provide 30 frames per second with high speed connection. Moreover, the application also supports many various windows. You can use text chat function and self-set up your own chat room.

iSpQ VideoChat enables to play video full screen with high resolution. You also can view the profile of friends that you had conversation. The application is designed with friendly interface to users but it limits at 10-second video, five-minute video messages supported, etc.

Key features of iSpQ VideoChat:

- Make a call with high image resolution and audio quality via internet. Your computer is required to connect with internet.
- Enable to talk online with friends unlimitedly and free.
- Provide 30 frames per second with high speed connection.
- Make your own chat room by using function button on the interface.
- Can view profile details of friends.
- Limitation: 10-second video and five-minute video messages.
- Provide an easy-to-use interface to any users.

Updated date: 10/08/2013

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