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Download iTunes - Copy music, images, and videos to iPhone, iPod, Apple TV.


iTunes is not merely a music player, but it also evaluated to be the best music management application. It allows you to search audio and video files in list, so you can easily select and download them into your computer.

iTunes is a music management application developed by Apple which allows you to centralize the music and video management.  Moreover, it can enable users to update regularly the latest music information to share and connect with friends.

iTunes - Copy music, images, and videos to iPhone, iPod, Apple TV.

Besides a modern music manager, iTunes also acts as a social network for users.  You just need an Apple ID to sign in and access iTunes to share your information, images, videos, or a song for others to enjoy with you.  The program also allows you to synchronize your computer with handsets such as iPhone, iPad more rapidly. You can actively arrange the applications in iTunes according to your habit.

iTunes has a classical and sharp interface which emphasizes the simplicity of this software.  iTunes is a lightweight manager whose searching function is integrated right on the toolbar, so you can access all applications more easily such as library, songs, album, etc.  The components of iTunes have their own useful features such as iTunes Player, iTune Store, and iTune Everywhere (iCloud).

Main features of iTunes

* iTunes Player - Support music player

- Huge music collection:  

iTunes Player can store all the music, videos, and TV shows from all over the world just in a single application.  Instead of arranging and saving them in a CD, you now can import Media files directly to iTunes and quickly view files in your list.  Your files will be arranged and put at the place that you want, or transferred and used in handsets like iPhone and iPad.  Therefore, you can listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere.

- Be a useful music player.  

You can use iTunes Player to play or record any song or video in your computer or the music list that it provides.  iTunes has all the needed features for a music player such as Play/Stop/Pause, or you can view the detailed information about the files.

You can also enjoy channels through online radio stations, Podcast, and watch TV shows with HD quality.

- Easily search songs:  

By entering the key words in different categories (name of the song, album, singer, type, video, music list, radio, TV shows), the given back results will be numerous of related songs and videos, so you can easily select your favorite music file and save it into your list.

- Play the song and video right on your browser:

iTunes allows you to play songs or videos right on your browsers without downloading them to your computer.

- Automatically save the file to the list:  

Any downloaded beautiful songs or album will be automatically added to the management list of the program.  You can sort them by the themes, topics, and types such as Rock, R&B, Pop, ect. You can also show your love to the songs by voting from one to five star.

* iTunes Store - Online software store

- Provide a wide range of applications:

iTunes Store comprises of millions of songs, videos, and applications such as games, installation software with the best quality.  In iTune Store, you can find lots of useful applications that you want for your computer and mobile phones running iOS.

- Track music in the music rating lists:

This application possesses a feature that not all other software can have. You can view the songs in the international music rating list every week or review the previous list.

- View artist's information:

The information of artists will be also regularly updated, so you will track your favorite artist's activities from their daily life to the images, shows, etc.

- View the list information:  

The detailed information related to your favorite book will also be displayed.  Every week, the program will provide the best-sold books for you to track and select the best one to read.

- Offer a huge game store:

The games developed and created by Apple will be displayed in iTunes Store.  You can search the games by name or by the most popular ones.  The results will be given back just in a few seconds.

* iTunes Everywhere (iCloud) - Synchronize data between devices running iOS and computers.  

- Synchronize all the data in iOS devices:

iTunes can synchronize all the data in devices running iOS such as contact list, images, calendar, videos, emails, or even Bookmark of Safari.  It does not only synchronize but also backup data from these devices to the computer.

- Save a huge amount of data in iCloud:

iTunes supports maximum 5GB to store emails, documents, and backup files, regardless the downloaded data such as music, applications, eBook, images, etc.

- Share music files online:

You can share songs, and video available in your computer and iOS devices directly to the internet without any other supporting program.


Updated date: 04/27/2015

Free Download iTunes

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