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JAR Maker is a lightweight and simple application which allows you to create Java applications, Web Start frameworks and Applet codes (Java application). The software is able to create Jar files quickly and safely.

JAR is an archive format which is often used to collect multiple class files and combine metadata and resources (documents, images, etc.) into a file to distribute the application software or library on Java platform. With JAR Maker, you can easily create Jar Files for better use on Java applications. The program also allows you to create a JNLP file (Java Network Launching Protocol) after importing code base and JNLP specification version.

JAR Maker supports users to create Applet applications by setting up HTML output files, main class and class path or you can take these details directly from JAR Maker. Moreover, you can set the size and configure advanced Applet options (such as source code base, attributes and parameters of Applet).

JAR Maker has the lightweight capacity and the user - friendly interface. On the main window, you can make a quick access to its functions easily. To create a JAR file, you just need specify the input folder and adjust the JAR compression rate. Then, this tool will do the rest quickly.

Key features of JAR Maker:

- Generate Jar files.

You are a programmer and you often work with Java application and encounter difficulties with files running on Java platform. With JAR Maker, you can easily create executable JAR files built on the compression format and having the JAR extension. These files allow deploying applications on the Java platform. Hence, you can deploy class file and related resources effectively.

- Export Jar files.

Users can create or extract JAR files by using Jar commands accompanied with some setting supports. JAR Maker is considered to be an effective and quick extracting software.

- Create the copyright signature for files.

JAR Maker supports users to design Jar Files with the signature of its creator to certify the authenticity of documents. This is very useful to distribute software, make financial transaction, prevent and detect fabrication.

- Be easy to use.

JAR Maker operates gently on many versions of Windows operating systems. It occupies a low amount of the system resources and does not affect other programs on your computer system. This is a very useful tool for Java users.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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