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Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) is the execution platform software (including developing and deploying) for Java platform. It provides API (Application Programming Interface), standard structures, class libraries and core tools to build Java applications.

The Java 2 Platform Standard Edition utility provides the premier platform for building and developing Java applications on portable devices, desktop computer quickly and safely. This software provides Java APIs, Java Virtual Machine (or JVM) and other necessary components to run Applets and applications written in Java programming language.

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition supports to increase the efficiency, monitor the system and manage, integrate the Windows operating system better, develop the application easily through changing the language and adding supports for XML, etc. On the other hand, it also starts more quickly, occupies the smaller amount of the memory. The Java Virtual Machine application is also designed to upgrade the execution efficiency compared to the old versions or other software with the same function.

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition also integrates tools like Java source code compilers and debuggers necessary to develop Applets and relevant applications. This is a very effective support to deploy Java applications, data query, etc. It is often used for applications in the enterprise system and small devices.

Main features of Java 2 Platform Standard Edition:

- Create the environment to execute Java applications.

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition allows users to programme by Java language in the API environment. This software provides lots of necessary functions to write enterprise programs in many important fields like database access, security, remote method invocation (RMI) and communications. Moreover, this utility also supports to build applications for desktop computer including deployment products such as Java Plug-in, API component, JavaBeans model, Graphic User Interface (GUI). API includes Java Foundation Class (JFC) and Swing as well as multimedia API like Java3D.

- Provide compiling and debugging tools.

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition helps users control source codes easily through tools like compilers and debuggers with full of functions like checking commands, searching through keywords, syntax coloring so that you can write Java programs easily on Windows.

- Include advanced features.

Besides making Java become easier for programming, Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) adds many advanced features focusing on important issues in an enterprise. It also supports more for 64 Bit Opteron Chips of Advanced Micro Devices used for servers running Windows 2003 and SuSE Linux.

Updated date: 09/24/2013

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