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Java Runtime Environment (or JRE) have new version is include 32 bit and 64bit. JRE is compatible with all all devices running java. It supports such Java applications as Games, chat software, ebook, etc.

With Java Runtime Environment, you can run java applications on different devices. These applications can be games, chat software, news reading software, web browsers, etc.

As far as you know, Oracle Java is the technology used for all big platform like Windows, MAC, Linux to ensure safe working environment for other applications. The mobile platform is one of its plus points, so most of electronic devices in the world uses Java technology such as personal computer, mobile phone, Blu-ray music player, printer, medical equipment, etc.

Java Runtime Environment provides Java platform for devices just in a few seconds after its installation. You are using computer at work or playing games, surfing web, Java Runtime Environment does not affect your computer performance because the program runs on the background of the system. That is the reason why you can not feel its appearance even though it is still running.

Main features of Java Runtime Environment

- Create applications developed on Java platform:

Java Runtime Environment allows users to create software on a Java Platform and provides features to help them run on other platforms. Therefore, an application is developed for Windows can run successfully on Mac, Linux, and vice versa. Java Runtime Environment allows users to create most of software, games, web applications, and services.

- Create programs to use in web browsers and Website.

Java Runtime Environment combines with a virtual machine (also known as Java Virtual Machine), so during installation process, it deploys a plug-in to facilitate the implementation of applets in the browser of your operating system.

- Customize network settings and other programs:

The platform of Oracle in Java Runtime Environment also has a Control Panel allowing you to set the network configuration, temporary Internet files, and security license certification. You can manage the settings of the program and use the advanced features such as Debugging, Java console, Default Java for Browsers, Java Plug-in, JavaFX runtime, Java Runtime Environment Auto-Download or Security.

- Develop applications using different environments.

This program can be used to develop such applications as antivirus software, online games, 3D programs, etc. to used for online forums, or other software sharing websites.

Moreover, the program can combine Java applications or service-oriented technologies to create customizable applications or services. Develop compatible programs for mobile phones, remote processors, cheap products, etc.

- Create applications compatible with different portable devices.

You can use the Java Runtime Environment to create online applications such as games, reading programs, applications related to life, drawing software, cuisine, etc. supporting for portable devices running different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Bada, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerrys, etc. integrated programs on remote processors, the cheap products.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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