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JavaExe allows launching your Java application from an EXE File working as a Windows application. It can also provide a JRE file (Java Runtime Environment) with Java applications which operate without depending on the system`s configuration.

JavaExe provides the premier platform for building and developing Java applications through creating files to start and use Java as an EXE File. This software creates Java API, Java Virtual Machine (or JVM) and other necessary components to run Applets and applications written by Java programming language.

JavaExe can launch as a Windows application or a Windows Service. It can also work as Control Panel of Windows, restore Java applications automatically after restarting the system, manage the taskbar, Windows Registry, disable some processes on Windows, control Unicode.

JavaExe also contributes to monitor and manage the whole system, integrates the Windows operating system better, develops Java applications easily through creating JRE. Besides, this program is also able to specify the minimum version of Java you want to use to launch the application on the system.

Key features of JavaExe:

- Create the environment to execute Java applications.

JavaExe allows users to programme by Java language in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This software helps you integrate Java applications including online service applications, graphic interface or commands into the Windows operating environment. This utility also displays a Splash screen when the application starts so that users can start working on Java safely.

- Customize JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

JavaExe can detect appropriate JREs in the Registry of Windows, in environment variables, special folders on the system`s paths. You can customize the order of searching, fixing mistakes and supporting JRE versions. Users can also distribute your own JRE depending on Java versions. This ensures that your application requests are surely satisfied.

- Control services on Windows.

JavaExe helps users control services on the operating system more easily. You can create a Windows service with Java, install or remove the setting. It is within your reach to control them.

- Be easy to use.

The program`s interface is rather simple. It is easy for users to access and use its functions. JavaExe has the lightweight capacity, the close compatibility with many operating systems. It is suitable to all users regardless of their qualification and experience.

Updated date: 07/24/2014

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