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JetAudio Basic is the simplest version of JetAudio. JetAudio Basic can play nearly all the most popular audio format now. In addition, this software also allows users to adjust, change the audio quality of the running videos or audios.

 JetAudio Basic is developed to be the most straightforward version of JetAudio, the most well-known music player in the world. Although JetAudio Basic is a compact version, it still possesses the main features of JetAudio. Furthermore, JetAudio Basic aslo utilizes Winnap's Plugin.

JetAudio basic provide the must-have features of a music player which allows users to watch movies and listen to audio.  This software also allows user to convert between different formats. It supports CD ripping or direct burning to CD. Moreover, JetAudio Basic also allows users to zoom out the interface to the window mode to use more easily.

Simple and easy-to-use are the strengths that most of the websites evaluate JetAudio Basic.  This music player is awareded to be the most downloaded software and one of the best music players.

Main features of JetAudio Basic:

- Play various Audio formats:

JetAudio Basic can play all popular audio formats on the internet such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis without any converting.  JetAudio Basic also supports some unpopular audio formats such as Monkey’s Audio, True Audio, Musepack and WavPack.
- Play various Video formats:

In addition, JetAusio Basic can work with some video formats such as VI, WMV,MIDI, RM, etc.

- Burn CD-ROm

JetAudio Basic also has an additional function to extract audio from CD-ROM. You can also use this software to burn music files from your computer to CD-ROM to store them or play with CD players.

- Sound recording from Microphone:

JetAudio Basic also allows users to record sounds from Mricrophone or other recording devices.

- Create playlist and edit songs and movies' information:

JetAudio Basic allows users to insert and edit some information relating to the song such as singers, musician, album, etc. Users can also create a playlist comprises of your favorite songs.

-  Rich background effect store:

Similar to other music player, JetAudio provides rich background effects to animate your music. JetAudio Basic has three different background effects. If you want to add more, you can download from the homepage or from other websites such as Geisswerks, SoundSpectrum, and
- Tag videos and songs of the same category.

JetAudio Basic also allows users to create tags for similar songs. This feature help you to tag videos and audios of the same singer, type, country, or style. Users can also query the songs more easily.

- Simpler and easy-to-use interface which can be hidden on taskbar

Different from the standard version, JetAudio Basic has a quite simple interface and lightweight. Once used the standard version, users can use this software without any difficulty. Moreover, JetAudio Basic can be hidden on the task bar so that the users can work more easily.

Updated date: 05/16/2016

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