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jetAudio Plus is a music player which supports a wide range of the most popular file formats. The software is also integrated with some other useful features such as online music, disc burning, audio recorder, and file converter.

JetAudio Plus is one of the two versions of JetAudio, one of the oldest music player for Windows. JetAudio Plus is not only a kind of application which can run different audio file formats but also possesses such features as CD burn, audio recorder, and file converter.

With JetAudio Plus, you can listent to and watch all the audio and video file formats on the Internet.  Like other utilities for watching videos and listening to music such as Windows MEdia Player, Kmplayer, VLC Media Player, JetAudio Plus can also be integrated into the task bar by customizing the window.  This software also allows you to set up widow  mode for reference.

JetAudio Plus has released the new version recently.  This version allows JetAudio Plus to work on the latest operating system of Windows-Windows 8. Furthermore, this version also improve the file conversion and CD Rip speed. JetAudio Plus also comes with a version for mobile phone, particulary Google's Android.

Main features of JetAudio Plus

- Support playing online music with JetCast

Besides allowing user to listen to music from computer, JetAudio Plus is also a tool for online broadcasting through the traditional connection with JetCast (an online music broadcasting). If your computer has internet connection, youcan use JetAudio Plus to broadcast your songs or sound record stored in JetCast.

- Support wide range of audio and video formats.

With JetAudio Plus, user can listen to all audio and video file formats, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, KMV, etc. and from CDs. JetAudio Plus also supports users to convert audio formats to other similar formats such as MP3, OGG, and WMA at high speed.

- Easy-to-use and compact interface

JetAudio Plus has a user-friendly interface. In JetAudio Plus interface, tools are designed clearly with separated cells such as replay, playlist, and music library.   You can also switch JetAudio to the window mode to view more easily.  However, in widow mode, users can still get all the information about the running songs, lyrics, running time, and how long it has been run.

- Provide sound recorder.

With JetAudio Plus, users can record sound by the mocrophone or other plug-ins. This feature allows you to record the sound in music, movies, or even games.

- Support most of karaoke and movie subtitle formats.

JetAudio Plus can display beat lyrics for MIDI and MP3 files and the most popular subtitle formats such as smi, srt, ass, idx, etc. JetAudio plus also allows users to create playlist, tag interesting similar movies or musics and group them. In addition,

- Provide video and audio edition.  

 In order to support users, JetAudio Plus also provides some video edition functions as it allows you to split or join audio files. Adjust Mp3 bitrate. Adjust size, video quality, and image showing speed. Users can set up the file bitrate before converting them into audio files. Beside adjusting bitrate, JetAudio Plus also allow users to adjust audio effects such as bass booster, multichannel support, speed control, and smooth song switching.

- Automatically notify about the new version and send errors to the developers.

Like other software,  JetAudio Plus also sends updating notification if your computer has an internet connection. When you run the application,  JetAudio plus will send you a message for updating a new version. You only have to accept, the software will automatically download and upgrade the new versions. JetAudio Plus also supports users to send errors automatically to the developers when any problems occur during the use of this software.

- Support some popular languages

As being widely used, JetAudio Plus supports multi-languages. This software supports some popular languages such as English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Updated date: 09/27/2013

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