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Jing enables to record activities on users’ computer or capture any images and save in SWF (for Video) and PNG (for image). Created files are tiny so they are easy to upload to the Websites.

The software can automatically detect and define the location to record or capture on the computer with just simple mouse clicks. Extracted Videos and photos are in good quality and saved in popular formats for storage and use.

In addition, you can adjust output parameters for videos and images such as dimension and frame ratio, resolution, volume, etc. Additionally, you are able to add effects on videos and pictures. A window is displayed so that users can handle with files such as uploading to Storage websites (ScreenCast, Flickr, YouTube, etc) to share with friends via chat applications or save them on your computer.

Furthermore, you can create an account for logging in and use the tool. It secures your privacy and protects other to use without permitting.

Key functions of Jing for Windows:

-    Record the computer activity.
-    Capture the screen.
-    Save in various formats.
-    Download or share files easily.
-    Create an account to use the application.

Updated date: 12/04/2013

Free Download Jing for Windows

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