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Kevin Pham

Joy RingTone Converter helps you automatically convert music files in MP3, MP4, WAV formats, etc. into ringtone formats for your cell phone.

Joy RingTone Converter enables you to create your expected ringtones by cutting and converting a variety of music file formats such as MMF, AMR, MIDI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4 into ringtone formats in a fast and easy manner with perfect quality.

The interface of Joy RingTone Converter is simple and eye-catching, helping you make quick manipulations to create various and unique ringtones for your cell phone.

Key features of Joy RingTone Converter:

- Joy RingTone Converter can directly convert music file formats such as MMF, AMR, MIDI, MP3, WAV, AAC and MP4 into popular ringtone formats for cell phones. This helps supply your cell phone with more ringtones from an assortment of sources with your own style.

- A new feature of Joy RingTone Converter is a batch file conversion which enables you to save time by simultaneously converting multiple music files in a fast manner with an ensured quality.

- Joy RingTone Converter can also rip songs from CD into several music file extensions such as MP3 and WAV without reducing the sound quality of files, facilitating your usage of them on the computer or cell phone.

- In addition, Joy RingTone Converter can also work as MP3 compressor which can compress MP3 files to reduce their sizes to about 30%-70% of the original file sizes, helping save your cell phone’s memory.

Let’s start creating a ringtone with your own style. Joy RingTone Converter will help you possess more beautiful ringtones in your cell phone.

Updated date: 04/18/2014

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