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jPortable allows users to create a Java runtime environment right on portable devices like USB, hard drive, etc. The application supports to create Java applications in .JAR format and has the compatibility with lots of portable devices using Java.

jPortable provides the top-of-the-line platform for building and developing Java applications on portable devices very quickly and safely. This software provides a favorable environment to initialize Java application right on devices outside the computer. This means it can automatically use Java although it is not installed on the internal computer. Furthermore, this tool also adds lots of other necessary parts to run Applets and Java based applications.

jPortable also integrates tools of compiling and debugging Java source code, which is very necessary to develop Applets and relevant applications. This is a very effective support to deploy Java applications, data query, etc.

With jPortable, you can compile thousands of Java files just with simple manipulations. This software provides the top-of-the-line platform for building and developing Java applications by creating active and convenient environments to run Jar files on the Flash drive. One of its advantages is the portability and usability wherever you are.

Key features of jPortable:

- Create the working environment for Java application right on portable devices.

jPortable can create the environment to run Java Applets as executable files on the operating system from portable devices without installing them on the computer. With this utility you can view the Java source code in text format and the class hierarchy in graphic format.

- Display details of the Java source code.

You just need connect your computer with a Flash drive, run the executable file and you will be able to check the content of JAR files in details without extracting them. Encrypted source codes of Class, Java, HTML files and all text formats are displayed clearly.

- Integrate compiling and debugging tools.

jPortable is capable of creating environments to run a Java applet or other Java application, compiling and debugging thousands of Java files, Applets at high speed with simple clicks.

- Have the compatibility.

jPortable is compatible with portable applications requiring Java like LibreOffice or Firefox.

- Be easy to use.

The program`s features are easy - to - access through simple manipulations with the mouse. The software automatically creates an advanced system which helps create Java applications without spending too much time on installation.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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