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Download Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor - Study Hindi language and practice typing skills


Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor tool supports users to learn how to write Hindi language and also practice typing quickly and accurately through specific exercises. The program`s interface includes 2 languages which are English and Hindi so that users can select.

Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor helps users practice typing at high speed and accurately. On the other hand, the software`s interface is also translated into Hindi language. Thus, if you have the demand to learn this language, you can use this software to study both Hindi language and also typing. With this utility, users will see their improvements clearly just after a short time.

Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor provides users with exercises arranged part by part with the increasing complexity and difficulty. During the practice process, you can select different levels provided by this software. Over 100 exercises in English or Hindi language are integrated into this program. Thus, it suits to many users.  The result of each exercise is estimated objectively so that you can overcome encountered difficulties.

Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor helps users practice typing skills through a methodical and scientific process. Typing will become an automatic reflex. You can type with 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard and improve the quality of tasks related to typing documents for office workers, children who are new to computer.

Main features of Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor:

- Practice typing quickly.

Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor provides an electronic keyboard combined with very detailed guidances so that users can perform typing exercises quickly and effectively. Special keys are marked with typical colors together with guidances about placing fingers onto the keyboard most appropriately.  Exercises are in 2 languages including English and Hindi. Users can customize and change to suit their demands and hobbies.

- Arrange exercises at various levels.
Exercises in Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor are arranged from the basic level to advanced one so that users at different levels can practice easily. After each exercise, your typing technique and speed are improved clearly. Moreover, this software also helps you fix mistakes, even with the most difficult keys.

- Be compatible with lots of operating systems.
Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor is a free typing software and closely compatible with lots of popular operating systems. This dual language tool is developed by modern technologies. All exercises go together with very detailed analysis statistics and debug.

- Be easy to use.
This utility is very suitable to those who are new to computer, start typing and working with jobs related to the keyboard at the beginning level. It has easy - to - access functions and goes with specific guidances without causing any difficulty. Each exercise has a time display board in order to check the speed and directly links to the producer in case users need any technical support.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Download Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor
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