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KaKa Folder Protector is the tool which helps you protect data and folders safely by setting passwords. The utility is able to protect data archived on external storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive, etc.

KaKa Folder Protector is the application which helps you protect data and folders safely by setting passwords. The program will create security keys to protect data archived on the hard drive and external storage devices like USB, portable hard drive, Flash memory card and others.

KaKa Folder Protector is integrated with the 256 bit AES encryption technology. Hence, you can feel assured because data/ folders are opened just when you enter the right password. This aims to prevent other people from stealing information when they use your computer or avoid professional hackers.

KaKa Folder Protector provides lots of effective features. It has no installation, thus you can save it on external storage devices for use on any computer. This helps you protect your personal information and important data comprehensively.

Main features of KaKa Folder Protector:

- Encrypt files powerfully.

By using 256 bit AES encryption technology, you can set up secure passwords to protect data and important folders on the computer to the max.

- Protect data immediately.

KaKa Folder Protector allows you to set passwords to protect private folders, data. Other people will not be able to access them to edit or delete data. This helps you prevent the attack of professional hackers.

- Provide lots of security levels.

The program offers lots of options about security levels. You can choose a suitable level to protect folders and their data.

- Protect the data on storage devices and other computers.

KaKa Folder Protector can be used without installation. Thus, you can archive this utility on external storage devices like USB, portable hard drive, Flash memory card, etc.

- Be simple and easy to use.

This utility does not require so much experience about working with computer. Even if you are a "novice", you still can understand the way it works in a few seconds.

- Be compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.

KaKa Folder Protector can work with computers using the Windows operating systems including versions like Windows 2000/2003/XP, Windows XP (32 bit, 64bit), Windows Vista/7 (32 bit, 64 bit), Windows 8. It supports drives with FAT, FAT32, NTFS partitions.

Updated date: 07/15/2014

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