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Tony Nguyen

KaPlaRe operates as a recorder that helps you produce popular MP3 recordings. Not only that, this software allows you to edit technical parameters of recordings, such as tempo, intensity, volume control even when you play files.

KaPlaRe will play the role as your useful recorder. You can use it anytime to create MP3 recordings quickly. You can edit technical parameters in order to meet your requirements on tempo, intensity, volume, etc.

KaPlaRe supports you in managing files on the same interface window. You can monitor parameters as well as all information of files and edit it right on that window. You can also convert files from this window. Especially the software supports playing solo or without drum track.

KaPlaRe is suitable to use at bars, music entertainment places, night clubs, etc. You can easily set the changes to drum when playing midi songs or you can add decibel to make sound louder, export to SMI (SAMI) corresponding with lyrics displayed in WMP mode.

Main features of KaPlaRe:

- Support users in recording sound directly in MP3, midi or add Diirectmusic files of sound effects.
- Control the shift of songs and change the technical parameters quickly.
- Offer the best sound in MIDI and play the recordings with detailed information.
- Support users in playing sound files.

Updated date: 04/11/2014

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