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KeyLemon is the simple and effective solution to log in the computer by using your own face instead of passwords. Hence, this software will support to protect your computer safely, prevent the unauthorized access from other users.

KeyLemon uses the advanced technology with the ability to recognize the face through webcam to create and also unlock the computer. With the modern analyzing technology, just the owner can use his/her computer when sitting in front of the screen. With this feature, users can save time as well as increase the security for the system because it will reduce time to set up complicated passwords for computer access.

KeyLemon uses webcam to recognize the face of the computer`s owner. Just with a webcam connected to the computer to record your face, you will have results right after restarting the computer by your own image. This software is compatible with any devices integrated with webcam.

Another advantage of the program is to support multiple user accounts. If you have two or more user accounts, KeyLemon will automatically recognize your face and log in the account immediately.

Key features of KeyLemon:

- Log in the computer by using face.

KeyLemon is a free and wonderful software which allows you to log in your computer automatically by recognizing face instead of using passwords as usual or touching on mouse, computer. If your webcam encounters any problem, you can log in by your old account (including username and password).

- Support devices having webcam.

If you own a laptop or netbook with the built-in webcam, you just need download and install necessary drivers. Then, download KeyLemon software and you will receive excellent benefits from this application.

- Protect your personal account.

KeyLemon allows you to use Firefox to access accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter more easily also by recognizing face. Thus, you completely feel secure if someone is trying to access your web illegally. Moreover, if other users use your own image to log in your computer, this software will disable this fraud as well as enable the fraud detection mode from the program.

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Updated date: 04/24/2015

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